Lions House I

The Window Project - Lion's House I


The Window Project “How does a traveler become related to a city?” When we first arrive a foreign city, our identity is the most ambiguous. At that moment, neither are we local residents nor complete outsiders. On the one hand, we try to understand the place we are in through various methods; on the other hand, we look for ourselves a behavior that would make us “seem like” the locals, whose life, however, is actually extremely different from our imitation. In this project, the author picked three residents in a city and created large size illustrations to present all the details of their living spaces to the travelers. Viewing at these works feels like peeping through windows that the author opened up in the concrete walls of the city dwellers’ homes.

開窗計畫 - Lion的家之一


開窗計畫 「旅客如何與一座城市發生關係?」當我們初到一座城市時,身份是最為曖昧的。此時你我既不是當地居民也不是全然的局外人,除了一面透過各種工具了解所在的地方,另一方面也極力為自己尋找著一個「像」當地人的行為方式。然而真正的在地生活,卻仍然與此大不相同。這個創作計畫中,作者如同在水泥屋牆上打開了窗子般,從城市裡挑選出三個人物,極其透明地向旅客分享他們居家空間的種種細節,作為大尺寸插畫繪製的題材。