Former theater director BALLBOSS stepped into the illustration industry by accident. With a keen eye for topics and a distinctive style in storytelling, BALLBOSS often adds a touch of humor and a sense of presence into his works. It is the adventurous spirit to challenge the boundaries between art media that won BALLBOSS the annual "Star of Culture and Creative Industry" by Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture for two consecutive years in 2016 and 2017 with his innovative cross-disciplinary work “Ballboos & Stories”. He has also been selected for the 2019 Bologna Illustration Exhibition. Currently, BALLBOSS continues to create various kinds of stories in different art forms, such as illustration, theatrical performance, and cross-disciplinary project.

原為劇場導演的Ballboss,陰錯陽差地踏上插畫創作之路。藉著對題材的嗅覺與獨特的敘事手法,常賦予畫中故事一種幽默且臨場感十足的氣味。正是這股勇於顛覆媒材界限的精神,「Ballboss & Stories」以極具創見的跨域作品,於2016-17年間榮獲文化部連續兩屆年度文創之星殊榮,並於2019年入圍義大利波隆納插畫展。目前持續以各種故事為主要產出,形式跨足插畫、劇場與跨領域創作等。