Cindy Wume


Cindy Wume is an illustrator and picture book maker now based in Taipei. She completed an MA Children’s Book illustration at Cambridge School of Art at 2016. Gouache, linear, ink, dip-pen, and colored pencils are the main materials she uses for the artworks. She typically draws inspiration from her observations of humanity, a sense of place, loving of nature and her own imagination for the book projects.

Her debut picture book has been published in the U.K by Lincoln Children’s Books in 2018.

吳欣芷Cindy Wume,⼀九九二年生,台灣台南人。畢業於國立成功⼤學外⽂系、英國劍橋藝術學院 童書插畫碩士。 喜歡嘗試將抽象的情緒或是概念運用圖像方式呈現,以線條為主,結合不透明水彩和色鉛筆創作。

目前為⾃由接案插畫家和繪本創作者,繪本作品<The Best Sound in the World> (Frances Lincoln, part of the Quarto Group) 在2018年9月於英國出版。