Page Tsou


Page Tsou, the art director of Auspicious Design, believes that cross-disciplinary interactions can open up new possibilities in creative work. He often wonders between graphic and space design projects, and is talented at creating a feeling of space and building the story atmosphere in his illustrations. His works show the aesthetics of academic paintings. The color tone is full of the warmth of humanity. Tsou graduated from Royal College of Art, UK, and has been chosen to participate in the Illustrators Exhibition of Bologna Children’s Book Fair for many times. He was the first Asian artist to win the Bologna SM International Award for Illustration and the Best of Show in 3X3 Professional Show.

鄒駿昇,吉日創意有限公司藝術總監,相信跨領域的交互作用能為創作帶來更多可能,工作內容時常在平面視覺與空間項目之間遊走。擅長圍塑畫面的空間感與故事氣氛,畫中表現傳統平面繪圖的美感,色彩充滿人文溫度。英國皇家藝術學院畢業,曾多次入圍義大利波隆那插畫展,是亞洲第一位Bologna SM International Award for Illustration和3x3 Professional Show (Best of Show)得主。