Cecil Tang




Loving his homeland, Cecil Tang hopes to use the power of design to give back to Tainan and the local community. His creative inspirations come from everyday life. Tang believes, the more local the more international. He wonders between graphic design and illustration, and loves trying out multiple media in his works. He constantly explores new possibilities in style and enjoys seeking changes and innovative approaches in design.

熱愛這片土地的情懷,期盼以設計新能量,回饋台南以及地方連結, 日常脈絡皆是創作搖籃,信仰著越在地是越國際;專業平面設計及插 畫繪製的領域之間遊走迴盪,喜好以多媒材的方式做嘗試,研發風格 的創作可能並享受設計的求新求變。