ChiuRoad is a freelance artist who runs her own studio called ChiuRoad Studio. She is not a social person and likes to express herself through words and paintings. Apart from commercial commissions, she also devotes herself in artistic creation. She has held several group and solo exhibitions. Her illustration works can be found in books, magazines, packaging, and the visual identity of events and activities. Her illustration and artwork have their respective style and language. One is like an outward expression; the other is more of an inward discovery.

目前是一位自由接案者,經營個人工作室「手路ChiuRoad Studio」。是個不擅交際的人,喜歡透過文字和繪畫表達想法。平常除了商業接案,也持續投入藝術創作,有過多次聯展及個展經驗。插畫常散見於書籍雜誌、包裝及活動主視覺等。插畫與創作各自保有不同的風格和語彙,一種是對外的傳達,一種則偏向對內的探索。