Jimmy Liao




Jimmy Liao is an illustrator and picture book writer. After graduating in art from Taiwan’s Chinese Culture University, he worked in an advertising company for twelve years, until a battle with leukemia inspired him to start a career as an illustrator. He published work with various newspapers and magazines before producing his first picture books, Secrets in the Forest and A Fish that Smiled at Me, in 1998. He went on to achieve fame throughout the Chinese-speaking world, with films, television adaptations, and merchandise. He has won numerous influential awards and has been published in several languages, including a series of collaborations with English-speaking writers, including Amazon Best Book of the Year for Kids winner, The Champion of Staying Awake with Sean Taylor. Bold colors and child narrators are signature characteristics of his work, which often hints at a world sometimes sinister, sometimes lonely, but always filled with the deepest of emotions.

文化大學美術系畢業,1998年首度發表了《森林裡的秘密》和《微笑的魚》,之後陸續完成《向左走.向右走》、《月亮忘記了》、《地下鐵》等多部知名作品,展現出驚人的創作力和多變的敘事風格,在出版市場興起一股繪本創作風潮,並延伸到了電影、舞台劇與動畫等不同藝術文化領域。學界和媒體多次以「幾米現象」為主題分析評論。2003年入選Studio Voice雜誌亞洲最有創意的五十五人之一。2007年入選Discovery《台灣人物誌II》六大代表人物。也曾獲得比利時維塞勒青少年文學獎、瑞典彼得潘銀星獎,並多次入圍國際上最大的兒童及青少年文學獎項-林格倫紀念獎。幾米的作品風格溫柔清新,深遂而內歛,文字與圖像詩意的組合打動了廣大讀者的心。目前譯本有英、法、荷、西、葡、義、日、希、德、韓、泰、俄、越、波蘭、愛沙尼亞、瑞典等多種語言,也與英國、美國、日本的出版社合作原創繪本。至今創作熱力不減的幾米。