Jui-Che Wu




Jui-Che is a Taiwanese image maker whose practice explores the new meanings of image making through writing, collaging and making, and concerns how narrative varies from the ways of being told, especially in the form of books. His practice includes collage, object arrangement, curation, writing and textile design. His work has been selected in Bologna Illustrators Exhibition and Ilustrarte Biennale.

吳睿哲,畢業於英國倫敦皇家藝術學院視覺傳達研究所。目前為自由工作者,遊走於創作者與設計師兩個身份之間。曾入圍波隆納插畫展與葡萄牙Ilustrarte插畫雙年展。出版《伊薩卡島》(啟明,2020)與《A Horse, A Boat and An Apple Tree》(Stolen Books,2020)。