Shih Hsien Hsu


Shih Hsien, an illustrator based in Taipei Taiwan, portrays narratives that communicate his sincere thoughts and emotions, using the universal language of illustration. After he graduated from Royal College of Art, Shih Hsien plans to develop a professional illustration career whilst staying true to his original ideas.
• Honorable Mention for Professional Show 3X3 Illustration Annual No. 16.
• Professional Shortlist for WIA World Illustration Awards 2019 Design Category.
• New Talent Winner of WIA World Illustration Awards 2018 Books Category.
The Ministry of Culture of Taiwan, The Big Issue Taiwan, Ambit Magazine London, National Taiwan Palace Museum, Taiwan Design research Institute, The Liberty Times Taiwan and JP Morgan Asset Management, ...etc..

Nic 徐世賢,2018年畢業於英國皇家藝術學院視覺傳達研究所,同年獲英國WIA世界插畫獎圖書類新銳首獎,2019年再度入選英國WIA設計類專業組獎項及美國3X3當代插畫獎專業組榮譽獎。目前專職設計與插畫合作,客戶包含:文化部、台灣設計研究院、大誌雜誌、週刊編集、自由副刊、遊戲橘子集團及舊振南餅店……等。