Shu-Ti Liao


Shu-ti Liao is an Illustrator who loves to draw and laugh. She graduated from the Cambridge School of Art in 2015 with an MA in Children’s Book Illustration. Since then, she has continued to work on picture book illustrations, editorial projects including her personal illustrated blog. Her pictures and stories are constantly inspired by her life experiences. Her tale of an explore’s Adventure At Night was awarded the first prize of Macmillan Prize for Illustration in 2015 and it’s Mandarin edition is published in Taiwan.

畢業於英國劍橋藝術學院,取得童書插畫碩⼠學位。過去旅居英國劍橋,現居台灣,為⾃由插畫家,曾任平⾯設計師/插畫家/圖⽂部落客,以及⼀個⼩孩的媽。平時喜歡⼤笑,並⽤⼩插圖將⾝邊有趣或幽默的⼈事物繪製下來。之後這些觀察和紀錄的習慣逐漸變成現在童書 創作的靈感來源。以Adventure At Night作品獲得2015年麥克米倫圖畫書獎⾸獎。