Wang Chuen Tz


Wang Chuen Tz is an illustrator, but sometimes she also takes graphic design commissions for the coherence of her work.
Wang started to create picture books after her child was born. She receives knowledge and information from her omnivorous reading habit, and enjoys experiencing different things while traveling.
Her publications include illustrated books Be Strong, What’s Your Morning like?, Springtime Strolls in Tottori, and picture books Where’s Mommy, The Clouded Leopard’s Rooftops, Annoying Typhoon, and Everybody, Come Play Hide and Seek.

著有圖文集《一個人遠足Be strong》、《你的早晨是什麼?》、《鳥取春散策》,繪本《媽媽在哪裡?》、《雲豹的屋頂》、《討厭的颱風》、《大家來玩躲貓貓》。