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2020 has been a tough and unique year. People are forgoing public events and holiday gatherings. However, this pandemic reminds us of how important home is to everyone. Originally arranged to be held in Houston in the middle of this year, HOME TOWN TAIWAN is a large illustration exhibition featuring 33 Taiwanese artists. Due to the unexpected outbreak of COVID-19, the physical exhibition could not take place as scheduled. Even so, international cultural have never stopped. To spread some warmth in this difficult time, Taiwan Academy in Houston launch the exhibition online. As the theme HOME TOWN TAIWAN suggests, the exhibition centers on Taiwan and discusses the definition and meaning of “home”. At the same time, it hopes to provide some reflections on both the physical and psychological distance between people as a response to the current situation of the global pandemic. Through virtual form, the exhibition wants to convey the amazing power of illustrations which comfort and connect human hearts across borders.

The exhibition is divided into two parts. “Hometown Taiwan” showcases 10 Taiwanese illustrators’ 59 works inspired by their lives in Taiwan. The style and subject each artist adopted are different, presenting various sides and impressions of Taiwan. We hope this online exhibition will allow people from around the world to try a taste of Taiwan’s charm and distinctive sceneries without the need to travel. We also wish these works may soothe many of the homesick Taiwanese who cannot travel to Taiwan because of the pandemic. “Hometown” is not only the common theme of these illustrations, but a concept common to everyone as a place from which one draws strength and warmth when faced with difficulties or frustrations. The other part of the exhibition, “Messages from Taiwan”, is about greetings from faraway places. We invited 29 Taiwanese artists to create their works in the form of a postcard. The 29 illustrations are more than just private messages between friends; they are also the messages that Taiwanese artists would like to send to the world. Illustrations have the power to cross language barriers and lift people’s hearts. We hope these beautiful pictures will bring hope and blessing to all who take the time to view these masterful illustrations.

Either on a physical or psychological level, home has many different meanings. Home is a shelter from storms, as well as sense of belonging. In particular, after the global outbreak of COVID-19, home has become our most important refuge, which soothes our souls. Those who live abroad try their best to “go home”. It is just like clicking the home button on the Internet to go back to the homepage, and can also be interpreted as the return to the starting point. Under the threat of pandemic, everyone started to re-examine the way we treat our environment. The earth also got a chance to take a break. Although Taiwan does not have the romantic vibes of Paris or the chic cityscapes of New York, it is the place we live in. It is our sweet home. The architectural style of house may vary from nation to nation, but the warm feeling a home has to offer is very similar. This exhibition is to showcase the appearances of everyday life in Taiwan through the eyes of different artists. We hope you can cherish everything you have now.


Page Tsou

Organizer : Ministry of Culture, Taiwan Academy in Houston
Co-organizer : Asia Society Texas Center
Curator : Page Tsou
Implementer : Auspicious Design
Key Vision Design : Cheng Chieh Sung
Translator : Annie Wu

2020是個特別且辛苦的一年,許多活動被迫取消,無數的家庭被迫分離。但也在這個困難的時刻,讓我們更能體會家的重要。原訂今年中於休士頓展出的「HOME TOWN TAIWAN」是一個集結33位台灣創作者的大型插畫展。突如其來的疫情迫使原訂的實體展覽計畫無法如期舉行。即便如此,國際間的文化交流與朋友間的問候卻不曾間斷。為了在這段艱難的時刻帶來一股暖流,休士頓台灣書院將原本的實體展覽改為線上展覽形式舉行。不僅讓本次展覽不再侷限於美國休士頓,更能讓長期在家的民眾多了一個抒發的選擇。本次展覽主題訂為「HOME TOWN TAIWAN」,期待以「台灣」為核心出發,探討「家」的定義與意義,同時回應新型冠狀病毒肺炎疫情時期對於「距離」(無論是地圖上的距離或心靈上的距離)的反思,並企圖藉由線上展覽的方式傳達插畫的撫慰人心與連結世界力量。

本次展覽共分為兩個部分。「Hometown Taiwan」展出10位台灣插畫家共59幅以台灣生活為創作靈感的插畫作品。每位插畫家的風格和主題各異,呈現出台灣多種不同的樣貌與視角。期待利用線上展覽的方式,讓世界各地的民眾不用出國也能體會到台灣迷人的魅力與特殊的風景。更希望讓許多因為疫情而暫時無法回到台灣的國外遊子一解思鄉的情緒。「Hometown」不僅是這些插畫共同的主題,更是許多人在面對困難或挫折時獲得力量與溫暖的地方。「Messages from Taiwan」則是以「來自遠方的問候」為主題,特別邀請29位台灣插畫家用明信片的概念創作。這29幅作品不僅是朋友間的短信,更是台灣創作者對全世界所發出的訊息。希望能藉由插畫跨越語言隔閡、撫慰人心的力量,為突如其來的疫情而無法自由旅行的人們捎來一些希望與祝福。

無論是物理或心理層面,「家」有許多不同意義。家是避風港,是一種歸屬感。 特別是在嚴重特殊傳染性肺炎全球擴散之際,家成為最重要的庇護所,安撫我們的靈魂。那些居住在海外的遊子窮極一切努力「回家」。就像在網路世界中點擊「Home」回到網站首頁,也如同回到最初的原點。在全世界傳染新型冠狀病毒的影響下,所有人開始重新檢視我們所生活的環境,同時這個地球也有了好好休息的機會。即使台灣沒有巴黎的浪漫和紐約的五光十射,這仍然是我們生活的地方,我們甜蜜的家。家的樣貌在世界各地千變萬化,但家所帶來的溫暖卻是非常相似。本次展覽藉由不同藝術家的視角呈現台灣的日常生活。 希望參觀的民眾能藉此珍惜身邊所擁有的一切。



主辦單位 : 文化部、駐休士頓臺北經濟文化辦事處臺灣書院
協辦單位 : 亞洲協會德州中心
策展人 : 鄒駿昇
執行單位 : 吉日創意有限公司
主視覺設計 : 宋政傑
翻譯 : 吳家姍

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